02 October 2020

    Standing Eating & Drinking Reinstated in Pubs & Clubs

    Covid-19 restrictions eased today at 4pm 

    Thanks for standing by us Toowoomba...and now you get to stand WITH us for all your trouble! While our beloved D-floors remain on the shelf (actual sad face), today’s announcement by the Queensland Government allows patrons a little more freedom whilst visiting pubs & clubs.

    Guests may now stand throughout the venue without the need to be seated while enjoying a frothie or a snack. It’s a baby step for now, but it is a welcomed change for us and indeed a step in the right direction. Out door areas are also permitted a higher density of guests (1 person per 2 sqaure metres) which is another small win!! 

    So what hasn't changed? 

    Our total venue capacity remains unchanged. There is also no change to social distancing regulations, the collection of contact tracing details or the no dancing rule... BUT for us this is excellent news on a Friday and we’ll take it!! 

    Thank you for being patient with all the restrictive measures being placed upon on venues like ours and for your courtesy towards our team during this time. It’s been a huge help in riding this thing out and while it’s far from over just yet, it’s a welcomed exhale our industry. 


    Let’s all work together to keep this momentum going. We can see those disco lights in the distance already!!