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    Explore the very best in craft beer, share in flavourful food and enjoy an atmosphere with serious personality.  Tapestry is your place to relax, live a little, meet new friends and get together with old ones.  Visit the Tapestry mini site to learn more about the latest inclusion at Fitzy’s and how it came to be.



    11am-late, 7 days



    Monday-Thursday: 12-2pm, 6-9pm

    Friday: 12-2pm, 5-9pm

    Saturday: 12-9pm

    Sunday: 12-8.30pm


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    Be prepared for the ingredients you know and love, presented in a whole new light.  This is culinary exploration at the edge – a flavourful adventure best shared with friends.  Together, you will experience fusions of taste and a journey no foodies should miss.


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    Monday-Thursday: 12-2pm, 6-9pm, Friday: 12-2pm, 5-9pm, Saturday: 12-9pm, Sunday: 12-8.30pm

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