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153 Margaret St, Toowoomba
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  • Tapestry

    Explore the very best in craft beer, share in flavourful food and enjoy an atmosphere with serious personality.  Tapestry is your place to relax, live a little, meet new friends and get together with old ones.  Visit the Tapestry mini site to learn more about the latest inclusion at Fitzy’s and how it came to be.

    Bar open 7 days from 10.30am-late. Meals available 7 days 12-2pm & 6-9pm. All day dining Thursday to Sunday 12-9pm.


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  • Menu

    Be prepared for the ingredients you know and love, presented in a whole new light.  This is culinary exploration at the edge – a flavourful adventure best shared with friends.  Together, you will experience fusions of taste and a journey no foodies should miss.

    Meals available 7 days 12-2pm & 5.30-9pm. All day dining 12-9pm Thursday-Sunday. Bar open for drinks & coffee 7 days 10.30am til late.

    Check out our menu below

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